Tagatum: Find SEO blog tagsSearch engine optimization is an important topic to me. The advantage of having a page that ranks high in Google for particular keyword keywords is worth whatever it cost getting it up there. With that said, I do use paid services to perform my keyword research. I like to have a competitive edge over someone that uses the various free services to get a glimpse at what people are searching for.

It has been awhile since we have seen a worthwhile startup in the SEO sector. One new company is breaking ground, and focusing on something very current… tags. Tagatum‘s keyword analysis tools is a self titled “experiment.” However, I can see a real use for a tool such as this. Not to mention its completely free.

When writing a post, many blog authors tag their articles with tags that not only make it easier for spiders to find them for inclusion in search engines, but it allows the particular content management system to better organize posts. Until now, no one paid attention to the relationship between those tags appearing specifically on blogs.

Lets take a look at an example.

A search for SEO on Tagatum

A search for “SEO” on Tagatum reveals 1506 tags are related to SEO. The tags google and seo have appeared in the same blog post 94 times as indicated by the Tag Pair Rating. Google has appeared as a tag in posts 5883 times as indicated by the Tag Rating.

So using the Tag Pair Rating as a gauge of which keywords pairs one should focus on for the term SEO would be the first 3 (already ranked by the tag pair rating for you). By using this data, I would first focus on: Google, Internet, and then search engine optimization in terms of keyword density on your page. SEO and Google have appeared the most with 94. However Internet has appeared more times than search engine optimization, so that’s why I have it ranked second.

Seems simple enough right? Using SEO, the results returned may seem like obvious choices. I used it for simplicity. However this tool will shine with niche keywords that are not so obvious to make assumptions about.

The possibilities are endless with Tagatum. The longer their spider runs for, the better the aggregated data will become. This is definitely a startup to keep on your radar.