Woopra: Website Tracking and Analytics

You may pay attention to market, niche, and general demographic trends that represent the entire industry, but taking the time to analyze your own website’s data may reveal trends that you may have missed otherwise.

On all of my sites that are live, I use Woopra as my analytics program of choice. I do have other tracking running such as Google Analytics and AWStats running, however the advantage of using Woopra is that I have live, real time access to my information as visitors are viewing the pages.

Woopra\'s Live View Window

Many analytics programs store data and then publish it once a day. While there is nothing technically wrong in using this data to see trends over time, you are missing a crucial opportunity. An example would be if for instance, one of your pages have been linked by a major publication or is doing well on a social networking site. You may see a huge spike in traffic for that day. Many people that rely on traditional means of site analytics would only see this spike in traffic tomorrow when they are looking at thier data. With Woopra, you will see not only running totals of the amount of visitors on your site, but over 40 different statistical pieces of information including referrers, search engine terms, browser, local time, country, and many more for each visitor.

Woopra Event TriggersWoopra uses a standalone client to deliver the information to your desktop. From within the client, you can track multiple websites, browse analytics data over time, and one of my most used features so far, event triggers. Woopra’s event trigger system allows you to set up notifications that display in the lower right hand portion of your screen that can alert you on match to any of the 40 statistics tracked. I personally have event triggers when members comment, or someone looks at my advertising page.

Woopra ChartsAnother very useful feature of Woopra if you run a website that depends on customer service is their live chat feature. Built into the Woopra javascript code is the ability to launch a chat window. If I see any visitor on my site that seems to be having trouble, maybe they are refreshing the same page over and over again, or are on the buy no page with no activity, you can launch a chat request that will allow them to speak to you through the Woopra client.

Currently Woopra is in the beta testing phase, and has not launched officially. However, they are always adding new beta testers, so you shouldn’t have to wait long in order to try Woopra out for yourself. I have been using it since early April, and now I can’t live without it.

For more information on Woopra, please visit their website.