John McCain\'s Social Network

Is it too late for McCain’s social networking attempt? The McCain camp doesn’t seem to think so.

You may remember that this is actually version 2.0 of John McCain’s social network for his 2008 presidential bid. The first network was criticized for not being very functional, and looked as empty as it actually was. Social networks that are not inherently social are doomed to fail. So the new “McCainSpace” as it is known as is an attempt to fix that problem.

John McCain\'s Social Network: GroupsIf you have been to Obama’s social networking site,, you would know that the groups feature has proved to be golden in organizing local pro-Obama meetings and events. On a socialogical level, this makes sense. Humans are naturally drawn to be included in groups. Groups promote creation of bonds on physical and emotional levels. McCain’s camp has decided to make groups a primary focus on McCainSpace.

I feel this time, McCain’s social network has found the right approach. However, with only 2 months left in the campaign, is it enough time to draw supporters to McCain? Barak Obama’s social network has been around for almost a year, and has been instrumental in gaining support for his campaign. We shall find out in November.

Via Mashable.