Media RSS ThumbnailsDo you have a blog on FriendFeed or some other RSS aggregation service, and wonder why your blog images don’t show up as a nice little thumbnail like other blogs? It’s pretty much a fact that people will click on pictures faster than text only on FriendFeed. How can you enable image thumbnails on your RSS entries? What you need is Media RSS.

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Woopra: Website Tracking and Analytics

You may pay attention to market, niche, and general demographic trends that represent the entire industry, but taking the time to analyze your own website’s data may reveal trends that you may have missed otherwise.

On all of my sites that are live, I use Woopra as my analytics program of choice. I do have other tracking running such as Google Analytics and AWStats running, however the advantage of using Woopra is that I have live, real time access to my information as visitors are viewing the pages.

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I Blog For Money

My next project to launch is So far, I have been really excited about this site. The main purpose of the site is to show someone how to not only build a great blog that will keep people coming back from day to day, but also how to make a bit of money on the way doing it. One could say, Louis, that’s just another one of the thousands of “make money online” type of blogs.

You would be right.

However, in the clutter of the “make money online” niche, I feel that I do have a unique approach on how to go about setting myself apart from the rest of the herd. Plus, how can I throw away such a great domain name that I have been patiently waiting to buy for most of 2008.

The problem that has kept me from really pushing out the last 10% of development left before launch is, right now, I feel the Internet is in a transitional phase.

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Tagatum: Find SEO blog tagsSearch engine optimization is an important topic to me. The advantage of having a page that ranks high in Google for particular keyword keywords is worth whatever it cost getting it up there. With that said, I do use paid services to perform my keyword research. I like to have a competitive edge over someone that uses the various free services to get a glimpse at what people are searching for.

It has been awhile since we have seen a worthwhile startup in the SEO sector. One new company is breaking ground, and focusing on something very current… tags. Tagatum‘s keyword analysis tools is a self titled “experiment.” However, I can see a real use for a tool such as this. Not to mention its completely free.

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MeGlobe Instant Translation Messaging

If you had to choose one thing that keeps us from truly connecting on a global level, what would it be? For me, it has to be language. While language is one of the most fundamental things that unifies a group of people, it also hinders a lot of communication between those same groups.

Enter MeGlobe. This revolutionary new service still in beta hopes to transform online chatting.

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John McCain\'s Social Network

Is it too late for McCain’s social networking attempt? The McCain camp doesn’t seem to think so.

You may remember that this is actually version 2.0 of John McCain’s social network for his 2008 presidential bid. The first network was criticized for not being very functional, and looked as empty as it actually was. Social networks that are not inherently social are doomed to fail. So the new “McCainSpace” as it is known as is an attempt to fix that problem.

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Man frustrated at computer

If you haven’t noticed yet, change on the web is well underway. No longer are people relying on a handful of websites to find news and information. With the rise of blogging in early 2003, anyone can now create a blog that not only attracts visitors but also can develop into the next big thing.

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