Well, I’m a 26 year old freelance web designer currently residing in Jacksonville, Florida. I have been designing websites since early 1998, and specialize in CSS based web design with a strong emphasis on SEO and social media integration.

I am not your ordinary web designer.

I am an idea person. I love analyzing problems and coming up with solutions. I like to shed light on the smaller details that in most cases are overlooked opportunities and missed chances.

Before I became interested in web design, I did a lot of programming. I have always had an analytical thought pattern. While many would have chosen to stick to programming, I have found that it allows me to tackle design and search engine optimization more efficiently than those with just an art background.

I love search engine optimization. I love figuring out what people are searching for. I love analyzing competition and beating them at their own game. I love the challenge that search engine optimization offers. A website cannot be successful if no one is able to find it.

I have experience with many different programs.

There is not a graphics program that I have not tried yet. I pride myself on having experience working with many different applications, programming languages, and content management systems. I feel most comfortable with the Adobe suite of applications and PHP/MYSQL. However, I have worked with all sorts of programs from 3D Studio Max to Pinnacle Studio. I am a fast learner, and have not met a program or language that I could not work with.

I am motivated and a self-starter.

When I am not working on freelance projects, I have a lot of personal blogs and startups that are currently in development. I am always coming up with ideas for new websites that I know will innovate niches and fill empty spaces. This blog serves many purposes.

  1. A catalog of my designs, resume, and portfolio.
  2. A look at what I am currently working on with my blogs and startups.
  3. Discussion about the future of social media, blogging, and its importance on the web.

If by a slim chance I am not in front of a computer, you can find me reading in Barnes & Nobles, learning Japanese, working out, or cooking a delicious international meal for whoever is willing to eat it.